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Music Learning Objectives

GOAL 1: Students sing and /or play on instruments a varied repertoire of music, alone or with others.

1. Demonstrate steady beat to music, speech, and song.
2. Echo short phrases.
3. Match the pitches of Sol, La, and Mi using hand notation.
4. Perform simple folk songs from memory.
5. Perform strong (loud), quiet, start, stop, fast, and slow through speaking and singing.
6. Vocalize songs, rhymes, and stories with speaking, whispering, singing, and sound effects.
7. Demonstrate different voices: speaking, singing, whispering, calling, and voice exploration.
8. Dramatize stories, rhymes, poetry, and music

GOAL 2: Students will create music.

1. Dramatize stories, rhymes, poetry, and music.
2. Demonstrate same and different phrases and sections through moving, speaking, and singing.
3. Create sound effects with non-pitched percussion and pitched instruments.

GOAL 3: Students will explore various cultures through the study of music and music history.

1. Sing and play simple singing games from various cultures.
2. Use a personal vocabulary to describe voices and instruments from diverse cultures.
3. Use developmentally appropriate movements in responding to music from various genres and styles (rhythm, melody)
4. Ability to sing songs using the alphabet, seasons, months, multicultural & Black History.

GOAL 4: Students read and notate music.

1. Demonstrate fast and slow tempo through body movement.
2. Identify the symbol for “ta” and “ti” and the symbol from charts.
3. Sing, move, and play with the upward and downward direction of the melody.
4. Demonstrate the ability to distinguish high and low sounds through moving, speaking, and singing.
5. Use icons or invented symbols to represent beat.

GOAL 5: Students will listen to, analyze, evaluate, and describe music.

1. Create movements that correspond to specific music.
2. Identify, talk about, sing, or play music written for specific purposes (work songs, lullaby).
3. Analyze student’s own performances and those of other students.


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